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Serving the communities of South Orange County, Pregnancy Resource Center is one of over 2,300 pregnancy centers across the nation that is there to help.  Most women who choose abortion do so because they feel trapped, scared, or fear facing someone or something.  By offering compassion, practical help, education, and support, our clients feel more empowered to make life-affirming decisions that give them hope and confidence to overcome obstacles in their path. 

At PRC we understand that each woman has the right to choose.  Our goal is to educate her on her options, show her an ultrasound to confirm viability and dating of pregnancy, give her support and practical help throughout her pregnancy to facilitate a positive, healthy outcome.  No matter what her choice, we are there for her – and for her partner.  We believe her ultimate need is to come to know the God who loves her and share the love of Christ with no strings attached – just love, acceptance, mercy and grace.

Our services are free and confidential to women from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or income status. To learn more about our services click here.

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