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The board’s strategic plan was to become a medical clinic, which would mean a move to a larger facility, and we’d need an ultrasound machine, medical equipment, and a qualified volunteer medical team.  

We continued to pray.  A few years later, we were presented with a beautiful new ultrasound machine and blessed with volunteer licensed nurses and techs. Shortly after this, a lovely Christian couple approached us to lease their 2400 sf building, to which we converted part of the space into a medical clinic.

In 2014 we got our medical license to perform ultrasounds, and through this, we saw an increase of 35% more babies being saved!  The ultrasound has given us an opportunity to minister to the men who play a vital role in the pregnancy decision.  When fathers see their baby on the screen, they realize they are fathers and become protectors of that child.

God kept advancing our mission.  In 2016, another long-standing prayer was answered.  Through a wonderful partnership with the Knights of Columbus and with the help of a few generous donors, we purchased a new 28’ RV and had it converted to a mobile medical unit.

It’s furnished with an exam table, a portable ultrasound, flat screens to view the baby, and a counseling area.  It has pop-outs, an awning, and a TV screen on the outside panel so our male driver can sit out front and talk to the men or others coming by.

In July of 2017, we hit the road with “Chloe”, our big blue mobile clinic!  It’s like a first responder – located in strategic areas to give more women access to abortion alternatives.   We’ve been positioned near local abortion clinics and met women before they went in for their abortions or initial appointments.  Other sites include shopping centers both in Capo Beach and San Juan Capistrano.  The response from women has been very positive.  We often hear clients say, “you are an answer to prayer,” or “God put you here for me today”, or “this is a miracle that you’re here”.   We have amazing testimonies of life-saving encounters, and we are pleased to offer this blessing to our county.

In keeping with the trends of more women opting for a medication abortion (aka, “abortion pill”) versus the surgical method to terminate a pregnancy, in July of 2019 we joined a national network of Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) providers.  As an APR provider, we now offer women progesterone treatment to reverse the effects of the abortion pill; the procedure has a 64% to 68% success rate.  This treatment includes our ability to give women free ultrasounds and medication throughout their first trimester, along with ministering to them with the love of Christ. 

We’re grateful and thankful for our donors, supporters, prayer partners, volunteers, and staff who have made it possible for us to serve our clients with our free and confidential services.  Thank you, and to God be the Glory!

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